White Party

What to wear to a White Party?

Especially (gasp) after Labor Day!!!!

This is trying my preppy sensibilities.

We are going to a white-themed party Saturday night, and I'm not sure how far to take it. People will be in silly costumes, I'm sure, so do I go all out with go-go boots and a wig? Do I have to wear white jeans? Can I just wear regular clothes and don a white accessory, like a boa?

I know we're all about praying for snow, hence the theme, but I much prefer the goold old Ullr Fest, complete with bonfires, drumming, dancing and black clothing.

Not that I'm complaining. I'm done complaining because the woman who handles the problem client made everything better and I no longer have to deal with the heinousness. Props to you, Ms. Account Manager. Many thanks.

Henceforth: a complaint-free blogging venue.

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