Still Very Upset.

Well, my heinous work situation isn't getting any better, but in honor of you, my kind-hearted and lovable readers, I'll refrain from yelling and screaming and jumping up and down.

It's time to celebrate the 24" of settled snow in the mountains, the first fire of the season and trips planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I'm filled with ideas for art and knitting and sewing projects right now. I'm loving the running temps and I swear fall in Mill Creek is as beautiful as it is on the East coast.

UGH. But even though things are great and I'm psyched about so much, I just can't get the sourness of this whole work thing out of my mind. It feels like I'm the scapegoat for the shortcomings and failures of the chumps who are making six-figures to do nothing but insult me.

Sigh. Hate and Anger. Not nice.

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