Among the many reasons...

I've decided to try being a vegetarian for a while. Lots of reasons. Readng the Omnivore's Dilema. Remembering The Jungle from 9th grade English class (have you read that book? Good Lord, nasty shit in those meat processing plants...). I'm currently reading Skinny Bitch, which is a hilarious look at all the garbage we consume.

(In addition to meat, I've also given up diet soda. That's how seriously I'm taking this.)

But the thing that really did it, the image that really sent me flying head first into veggie territory was this one:


But the cooking was hard.

Well, not the cooking, exactly. It was more the preparation that bothered me. The touching of the bird. The raw body all slappy and cold. YUCK. Seriously, I almost started crying when I pulled the neck out of the body cavity. Jesus, we're a bunch of damn animals, eating this bird. They're not cute, exactly, but does that mean we should mock their deaths by shoving their "parts" inside their bodies, just so we can eat more of them? Good lord.

I know. I'm being a little dramatic. (Just a little? Hell, this is a good day.)

I felt terrible. I didn't like it at all. I don't even like tofu, and I was wishing for a tofurkey. Or a pizza.

It smells good now (I know, I'm a hypocrite. No surprise.), but I think this will be the last time I make bird.

That for which I am thankful.

Laughter. People who make me laugh. People who laugh with me. Out loud and till my face hurts.

Family. Brad. Mom, Dad and John. The Barlages. My two boys (yes, they're dogs).

Friends. When they tell me "everything's gonna be ok," I believe them.

Places that inspire me. Knowing where they are and returning to them again and again.

Frost on the ground this morning. It's about goddamned time.

Tiger balm. I guess I'm getting old.

The woodstove all glowy and warm. Thanks to Brad.

Time to rest, to read, to knit, to relax. Not everyone gets that time. I'm lucky.


Hanging in there.

Just like this guy.

If only I had one of those posters...the kind my 4th grade teacher hung all over her classroom, the kind that scream, "I'M A LONELY SPINSTER!"

But I'm not a lonely spinster, of course. I'm so blessed with a wonderful honey and supportive friends. Thanks to you all for your amazing and uplifting posts.

An update: I was just offered a cool position at a cool company. I'll share more as soon as it's all formalized, but suffice it to say that I was only unemployed for approximately 4 hours. That makes me happy.


Single Income Household.

The shoe dropped and clocked me in the head.

Eliminating redundant positions.

All the corporate things that I was so blissfully insulated from for so long came crashing down today. I was "let go." Well, along with, like, a dozen or so others.

I'm not bummed about the job. It's fine; I understand. It's just business and I know that this is the way it goes sometimes. What I'm sad about tonght, as I sit between my two sleeping dogs, is that I didn't get a chance to say good-bye. It was so clinical and cold and antiseptic.

"Effective immediately."

I didn't get to hug the people I grew to love in my short time at the agency. To wish them well, to promise to stay in touch and actually mean it.

I guess that's how it has to be, though. They have to cut the cord swiftly and completely, otherwise closure would never come.

So moving on now. Looking for a new job, thinking about what I REALLY want to do. Brad, who is wonderful beyond words, is encouraging me to take my time, to enjoy myself and play and climb and ski. He's just amazing. It's hard, though, to relax and have fun when I'm unemployed. Hate that word.

But maybe he's right - maybe that would be better now, for a while.

Ok, relaxing, relaxing....

Well, but before I do that, I'll just ask that if you hear of anything, keep me in mind - a copywriter, a PR maven, a marketer and brander, a critical thinker.

How tacky - using my blog to promote moi.


I'm pretty teary-eyed, though, as I think again of the friends - at the agency - who I'll miss terribly. And that's the heart of it. It's not the job, it's the people.


Me, right now.

Work has been a little stressful for the past few days, so I'm walking around like the fellow in the picture. Whenever someone says my name, I whirl around and say, "WHAT? What is it? What? Why did you say my name? What do you WANT?"

It's a normal part of the biz, I'm told, but still. Wow. I'm a wreck.

That said, I saw this video on Dooce's new website, and just laughed right out loud. Funny, funny, but maybe not appropriate to watch at work. Especially if you live in Salt Lake.

Dooce, by the way, lives right here in the foothills of the Wasatch and is among the funniest writers in the world ever ever ever. I may or may not have tried to locate her home based on the daily photos she posts. Yeah, I know, "speaking of inappropriate...."


The Bunny. She is a Cannibal.

Oh, but what a cute wittle cannibal!



Ed and I raked leaves and pine needles yesterday. Arnie helped by holding down the piles.

He didn't quite understand, though, that we had to keep piling.

Brothers. Together Again.

Today when Brad and Red pulled into the driveway, Arnie was so excited to see his brother that he jumped up on the van and kissed Red right on the snoot. Red kissed Arnie right back and when he jumped out of the van, they wiggled and wagged and sniffed and smiled.

I almost started crying - that's how cute it was.

They missed each other. I can't believe it.

Later, we hiked up Grandeur and I stopped to take a few photos.

Happy boys.

Still happy.

More happy.

I have about 15 more images of the same, but my respect for your time prevents me from posting them. I know you're very busy people. I'm looking out for you.


When Mormons Go Bad

One of our clients just annoyed me into such a state that one of our very kind-hearted, very "good" account managers (you know the type: clean cut, friendly, looks you right in the eye because he doesn't have an evil, shrivled, black heart like moi) said - in an attempt to talk me down, thus convincing me to finish the project - "What a Deushe*."

See, now I feel kind of guilty.

*The spelling error must be forgiven, though, because, after all, can anyone really spell it without looking online?

Wishing I could be like this guy tonight...

But no such luck. Too many leaves to rake, too much laundry to do, too much of the house to clean...hopefully Arnold will understand that his "exercise" tonight = following me around the yard while I rake...poor guy.

Mouse in House, 2

There are more mice in the house. Ed killed one while I was away, and now I'm finding mouse droppings in our cupboards (not where we keep the food, nothing THAT gross, but in the under sink cupboards of the kitchen and bathroom).

I think Brad's annoyed with me because of my refusal to deal with the situation, but the thing is, while I don't like the mice being in our house, and while I worry about the dogs getting sick from them, I can't bear the thought of killing them, of scooping up their rigid, furry-but-blood-soaked bodies and tossing them into the trash can.

(Trash because our recycling bin CLEARLY states, "No Dead Animals." Now, how many people do you suppose tried to recycle road kill before the recycling company had to go so far as to print the rules on the can?)

Just like I haven't been able to eat meat lately, because the thought of hurting an animal breaks my heart (I know, I know, that's the reason 6 YEAR OLDS become vegetarians), the thought of placing a trap for the "critters we dun' got" just does not sit well with me. So Brad will have to deal with it when he gets home.

This is my act of civil disobedience. Well, this and my refusal to wear open-toed shoes in the winter.



Teri , whose blog is delightful, and who values her animal companions as much as Brad and I value ours, tagged me for "6 Things." My "6 Things" will take on the theme of "Katie's Perfect Day."

1. Strong black coffee in the brown stonewear mug I took from my parents' house when I went to college and still have. In fact, Brown Stonewear Mug is one of my oldest possessions, and one of the 2 things I brought into my marriage. (The other was Arnie.)

2. Long run with the whole family - the dogs running beside me, and Brad on his bike, pacing us and singing the Rocky theme song.

3. Healthy, homemade brunch including the careful combination of eggs, potatoes, spinach and cheese.

4. Throwing the Frisbee with Brad, while the dogs run and prance about happily.

5. Climb or ski.

6. Fire in the woodstove, homemade pizza and red wine, Scrabble.

Yes, I know that's more than 6. I sort of shoved a couple together to make it SEEM like 6, but you, my savvy readers, are very shrewd. You figured me out.

I tag you.


Golden Retrievers for Everyone.

This is the greatest story ever:

This little guy, Toby, knows the Heimlich. See how naturally smart and aware Golden Retrievers are? That's why I never bothered to train Arnie; I knew he just SENSED how to behave.

Seriously, this story made my day.

In case you can't read the story (are you kidding me? You MUST READ THE STORY!), here are a few photos of Toby with his mom, whose life he saved by jumping on her chest while she was choking.

The lesson here, of course, is Always Encourage Your Dog to Jump on People.