Teri , whose blog is delightful, and who values her animal companions as much as Brad and I value ours, tagged me for "6 Things." My "6 Things" will take on the theme of "Katie's Perfect Day."

1. Strong black coffee in the brown stonewear mug I took from my parents' house when I went to college and still have. In fact, Brown Stonewear Mug is one of my oldest possessions, and one of the 2 things I brought into my marriage. (The other was Arnie.)

2. Long run with the whole family - the dogs running beside me, and Brad on his bike, pacing us and singing the Rocky theme song.

3. Healthy, homemade brunch including the careful combination of eggs, potatoes, spinach and cheese.

4. Throwing the Frisbee with Brad, while the dogs run and prance about happily.

5. Climb or ski.

6. Fire in the woodstove, homemade pizza and red wine, Scrabble.

Yes, I know that's more than 6. I sort of shoved a couple together to make it SEEM like 6, but you, my savvy readers, are very shrewd. You figured me out.

I tag you.

1 comment:

Teri and Mark said...

I like your 6. It sounds like the perfect day to me too.... well, except the exercise and eating healthy parts. ;)

Thanks for playing along.