Diary of a Lazy Blogger

We went to Boulder last weekend. It was great fun--we saw lots of good friends, ate some wonderful food, hiked (me), climbed (Brad), strolled, laughed, and stared longingly at the many hip boutiques we don't have here in SLC (me). I'll have a recap for you soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these photos.

Here we are after stuffing ourselves with pizza and ice cream. We were hanging with the Reid family, and were "color splashed" by Little I, who'd just downloaded the app for his iPhone.

I was feeling sort of nauseated in that picture, because instead of opting for an age-appropriate ice cream flavor, I had to have "Birthday Cake," which comprises vanilla ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, a swirl of vanilla icing, and cake batter.

I know. I just threw up in my mouth while typing that. I have no idea why it seemed like a good idea yesterday afternoon...maybe it was the hangover (damn you, Rio margs!), maybe my blood sugar was low. Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm diabetic now.

Despite my unfortunate taste in frozen desserts, we liked the ice cream parlor. Brad especially felt right at home; he doesn't care for those no good hippies either.


I've arrived

Not only have I received my first blog heckler, I'm also getting comments from spammers, along the lines of, "viagra, viagra, viagra, viagra."

I owe you a real post, I know. Something more than lion dogs and links. Don't worry, it's turning cold and snowy outside, ideal writing conditions.

In other news, a warning:

Buy the shirt at Snorg Tees.


Arnie's next Halloween costume

Wow. Not weird at all.

Best Website Ever

To all my readers who are big readers, check this out:

What Should I Read Next?

It's just what it sounds like. Plus, you get the added bonus of not having the supercilious librarian look down her nose at you when you ask for Chick-lit recommendations.



Bicycle. Me monster...me not picky.

I love him.


A Wonderful Weekend

It went something like this:

Trail running with Arnie
Baking oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies
The Penn State game
New ring from Sundance
Dinner with friends
Hummus and chips
Brie and crackers
Precious sleep
Trail running with Arnie
Backyard beautification
Hike with a friend and Arnie and many, many dogs
Pasta with pesto and fresh parm
Family Guy spoof on Roadhouse
Lots and lots of Arnie-time. I think he enjoyed it, too.

At one point, I gave Arnie a butcher bone. He wasn't quite sure how to approach it....

I said, "Get it, Arnie! Get it!" But he was still unsure...

Eventually, though, he figured it out.


Tell me...no...let me tell you

Why do I not own this fellow?

It's one of those dangerous nights when I think, "We need some art!" and tear through Etsy, adding things to my cart all willy nilly like.

Does anyone say that anymore? Willy nilly? Well, they should.

$83 is a lot of money for a frivelous novelty I'd probably be too embarrassed to wear most places, you know, being over the age of nine and all, but still, it's pretty damn cute.

Back to art, though. Ever since I saw an exhibit of his work at a climbing gym in Oakland, I've adored the work of this fellow. Check it out. Curious birds wearing colorful masks and sailing in and out of dreamy lands. Just lovely.

Then there's the sweet, endearing work of Creative Thursday. Again, curious animals often wearing people clothes. Ok, so I have a type.

But there's more! (I don't shop on Etsy much, so every time I do, I go a little, "Oh my god, and look at this!" I think the same thing happens to first-time H&M shoppers.

I'm not a huge black and white fan, but I do like this little guy. Ooooh, and I love the feeling here....plus, it's from an artist at "Mad River Studio," and everything from Vermont is wonderful.

Moving on....Oh, this one's very sweet. And I can't help but be charmed by this one...

And aw, I like this one. And are you kidding me with this one? Bears and cupcakes? Please! It's too cute!

I know. It's too much. Don't worry--I don't expect you to click on all these links or, especially, to experience the same delight from them as I, but oh, how entertaining Etsy can be when one has a cold and is couch-bound.

The rare and mythical Arnie-corn

A furrrrocious beast.