A Wonderful Weekend

It went something like this:

Trail running with Arnie
Baking oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies
The Penn State game
New ring from Sundance
Dinner with friends
Hummus and chips
Brie and crackers
Precious sleep
Trail running with Arnie
Backyard beautification
Hike with a friend and Arnie and many, many dogs
Pasta with pesto and fresh parm
Family Guy spoof on Roadhouse
Lots and lots of Arnie-time. I think he enjoyed it, too.

At one point, I gave Arnie a butcher bone. He wasn't quite sure how to approach it....

I said, "Get it, Arnie! Get it!" But he was still unsure...

Eventually, though, he figured it out.


Paige Jennifer said...

You lost me at trail running but brought me back with the cookies. And Arnie.

Kate said...

That is a FABULOUS weekend! I laughed so hard at Family Guy Roadhouse.

* * * said...

That weekend sounds spectacular! I really have no idea, but my conception of where you live is that it's a trail running paradise, and it makes me jealous. Even if it's not a warranted jealousy:)

Way to rock it!