Oh Deer.

It's been 20 days since my last post. Longest lapse ever, I think.

Here's why:
sad feelings of failure
avoiding my own thoughts and, thus, blogging
new job
very busy
happy Katie

I began a real post today; I'll finish it up tomorrow and have something new for you then.

Sorry for the lapse. Love you all.


Keeping it light...

Always Amazing

I went to bed to a cold rain on a hopeful nation, and woke up to five inches of snow and a new American leader.

Now, hours later, having run four miles through shin-deep powder behind a happy Arnie, I am watching the snow continue to fall. Eight inches now, in the back yard, and I'm quietly amazed. Relieved.

The first snow of the season never fails to drop my shoulders a little, to make me see things more simply, and today was no exception.

Tomorrow morning I'll wake up early and skin up Alta with a couple friends. It'll burn my lungs and my legs will be jelly by the time I'm back in the valley, but it will be worth it.

It's not officially ski season yet - we have several more climbing trips planned before we really embrace winter sports - but this will be a good taste of what's to come.

We're heading south - Vegas and Saint George and Zion - for Turkey Day, and I'm looking into Mexican getaways for Christmas. I don't have real hopes for getting Brad to the beach for Christmas, but it's fun to imagine.

And somehow, while imagining, I'm unspeakably fit and riding an 8-foot board. In reality, I'm not, and the only surf board I ever stood up on was so big I couldn't even carry it by myself.

Today I Am....

Still unemployed (any one need an editor, writer, PR maven, brand strategist or fashion consultant?),
Still nervous and unhappy about that,
Still unsure about how to make money and what to be when I grow up,
Still tired from staying up too late,


THRILLED by the election results,
PROUD of this nation,
EXCITED by the change that's sure to come,
HAPPY to raise a dog under the new administration - think of the opportunities available to him!

And happy that there are five inches of snow on the ground and it's still dumping!

Here I am watching the election results at Lizzie's house. Note how excited Arnie and Moxie (serving as Arnie's pillow) are. They can hardly contain themselves.


Today I Will...

Go running,
Dress up fancy and
Go to a job interview,
Go climbing with the ladies,
Play with Arnie in the mountains,
Go to yoga,
Clean my house,
Vacuum up the dog hair in my car and
NOT check the internet every five minutes to see what's happening with, well, the donkey in the room, because I VOTED and can only vote once and there's no reason to fret over things I can't change.

So goodbye till tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

And JUST IN CASE you're still undecided (who the hell are you people?) here's something to sway your opinion in the right direction: