Today I Will...

Go running,
Dress up fancy and
Go to a job interview,
Go climbing with the ladies,
Play with Arnie in the mountains,
Go to yoga,
Clean my house,
Vacuum up the dog hair in my car and
NOT check the internet every five minutes to see what's happening with, well, the donkey in the room, because I VOTED and can only vote once and there's no reason to fret over things I can't change.

So goodbye till tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

And JUST IN CASE you're still undecided (who the hell are you people?) here's something to sway your opinion in the right direction:


Erin said...

Fancy for a job interview? Exploring options or did something happen?

Cindy said...

I wish I could maintain your sense of perspective. This election has me in an absolute state! Here's hoping it will all be better tomorrow.

Go Obama! No on 4 and 8!