The End and the Beginning

The call came and commenced an almost total overhaul. With so much happening at the end of 2010, it's easy to chalk the whole year up to something turbulent and tumultuous--not always bad, but unpredictable in the best of times.

That's not the case, though.

While the Year of the Tiger certainly brought trauma and drama in the form of a broken husband and his long recovery, it also brought a deeper calm to our pack--new roles to fill. I'm pleased to say we rose to each occasion; we thrived.

The year began with uncertainty and the feeling of treading water--reacting to life, not making things happen.

But then Brad got hurt, and suddenly life seemed too fragile to take for granted. I launched a concerted effort to fill my life with challenges and joy; after a few false starts, I'm proud to report that I ended the year with a compelling job, a strong body, a happy family, a healthy bank account, a solid partnership, and a balanced life.

It was no small effort, and there's no room for coasting as we slide into 2011. Still, though, maintaining isn't quite enough, so I've established a few goals for the coming 365:

Accompany Arnie on 22 therapy animal visits
Run two footraces
Save a big chunk of money
Travel to a new place with Brad
Take a trip with my family
Submit three pieces of writing for publication

It doesn't sound like much, but I'm trying to remember that what seems inevitable can become impossible as life delivers unexpected changes; and just as I hope to embrace those blows, I also hope to continue making things happen, taking ownership, and staying my course.

Stay tuned.