Today I Am....

Still unemployed (any one need an editor, writer, PR maven, brand strategist or fashion consultant?),
Still nervous and unhappy about that,
Still unsure about how to make money and what to be when I grow up,
Still tired from staying up too late,


THRILLED by the election results,
PROUD of this nation,
EXCITED by the change that's sure to come,
HAPPY to raise a dog under the new administration - think of the opportunities available to him!

And happy that there are five inches of snow on the ground and it's still dumping!

Here I am watching the election results at Lizzie's house. Note how excited Arnie and Moxie (serving as Arnie's pillow) are. They can hardly contain themselves.

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Jen Yu said...

arnie!!! i've been living your uncertainty for the past two years and i think i have an idea of your anxiety. it's ok. i think it's important to make the most of your "down" time and to feel good about yourself. consider a trip to ned ;) we'll buy some fancay french bubbly and toast the new era. xxoo