Tell me...no...let me tell you

Why do I not own this fellow?

It's one of those dangerous nights when I think, "We need some art!" and tear through Etsy, adding things to my cart all willy nilly like.

Does anyone say that anymore? Willy nilly? Well, they should.

$83 is a lot of money for a frivelous novelty I'd probably be too embarrassed to wear most places, you know, being over the age of nine and all, but still, it's pretty damn cute.

Back to art, though. Ever since I saw an exhibit of his work at a climbing gym in Oakland, I've adored the work of this fellow. Check it out. Curious birds wearing colorful masks and sailing in and out of dreamy lands. Just lovely.

Then there's the sweet, endearing work of Creative Thursday. Again, curious animals often wearing people clothes. Ok, so I have a type.

But there's more! (I don't shop on Etsy much, so every time I do, I go a little, "Oh my god, and look at this!" I think the same thing happens to first-time H&M shoppers.

I'm not a huge black and white fan, but I do like this little guy. Ooooh, and I love the feeling here....plus, it's from an artist at "Mad River Studio," and everything from Vermont is wonderful.

Moving on....Oh, this one's very sweet. And I can't help but be charmed by this one...

And aw, I like this one. And are you kidding me with this one? Bears and cupcakes? Please! It's too cute!

I know. It's too much. Don't worry--I don't expect you to click on all these links or, especially, to experience the same delight from them as I, but oh, how entertaining Etsy can be when one has a cold and is couch-bound.


Kate said...

Hehe I am the same with Etsy (and H&M for that matter...although at H&M I often feel like I am just not really "hip" enough to pull some of it off) Thanks for the running gear ideas!

melissa said...

i love etsy!!

Paige Jennifer said...

Etsy depresses me because it makes me realize how lacking I am in the creativity department.

Then again, I do know how to knit (she says pointing to the pile of scarves on her bookcase). Perhaps I'll chase down a pattern. Details to follow!