Hanging in there.

Just like this guy.

If only I had one of those posters...the kind my 4th grade teacher hung all over her classroom, the kind that scream, "I'M A LONELY SPINSTER!"

But I'm not a lonely spinster, of course. I'm so blessed with a wonderful honey and supportive friends. Thanks to you all for your amazing and uplifting posts.

An update: I was just offered a cool position at a cool company. I'll share more as soon as it's all formalized, but suffice it to say that I was only unemployed for approximately 4 hours. That makes me happy.


Teri and Mark said...

4 hours??!? That's a record! Congrats - can't wait to hear more!

Steve said...

DO tell KT!!!


Anonymous said...

Katie - Do hang in there. Try a few Crossfit static holds to warm up. :) I am glad to see things are looking up for you. Hope you have a fantastic day.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Kim - fellow Crossfitter
Santa Cruz, CA

KatieGirlBlue said...

Thanks, guys. I am so thankful today. Good timing, you know, being Thanksgiving and all.

Still can't talk about the job opp, but I'll spill soon.

Kim, you're right. Warm ups are very important before hanging on (for dear life)...fortunately it didn't come to that! :)

I love the workouts you post! Yesterday's looked killer!