When Mormons Go Bad

One of our clients just annoyed me into such a state that one of our very kind-hearted, very "good" account managers (you know the type: clean cut, friendly, looks you right in the eye because he doesn't have an evil, shrivled, black heart like moi) said - in an attempt to talk me down, thus convincing me to finish the project - "What a Deushe*."

See, now I feel kind of guilty.

*The spelling error must be forgiven, though, because, after all, can anyone really spell it without looking online?


TyBug said...

He didn't know how to spell deuch? What a doosh? Seriously. Everyone knows how to spell doushe - it's common knowledge. Kind of like how everyone knows how to spell...rithym...rythim...rithem...writhym

k8 said...

i am so guilty of using that word like it's not totally disgusting.

KatieGirlBlue said...

I know - it's so "decades ago," though, that I think it's fair game for common, non-offensive vernacular.