Among the many reasons...

I've decided to try being a vegetarian for a while. Lots of reasons. Readng the Omnivore's Dilema. Remembering The Jungle from 9th grade English class (have you read that book? Good Lord, nasty shit in those meat processing plants...). I'm currently reading Skinny Bitch, which is a hilarious look at all the garbage we consume.

(In addition to meat, I've also given up diet soda. That's how seriously I'm taking this.)

But the thing that really did it, the image that really sent me flying head first into veggie territory was this one:


Shauna said...

That is a really gross picture! I admire your dedication. I wish I had pictures of the meat market in Greece to inspire you further (imagine whole bodies of animals hanging all around you in a 100 degree warehouse - pretty sure it's not sanitary at all either)

Paige Jennifer said...

I recently tossed around becoming a veggie again. Did it back in high school but subsisted on pasta and cheese. So while I saved animals, I was killing myself. Anyway, if you haven't seen the new HBO doc about the woman who co-founded and (I believe still) runs Peta, watch it. Your perspective on Thanksgiving turkey will be forever changed.

TyandMar said...

Oh my. Good luck with that. How can you become a Veggie with a Crown Burger lurking around the corner? Seriously? Did you forget?
Hey - I heard you got a job at Riester. True? And Mario is going to be there with you?

KatieGirlBlue said...

True, Ty! Mario and I are both at Riester. Here's the best part: ARNIE IS HERE, TOO!

Yes, a dog friendly office. My dreams have come true.

I may or may not have dreamt about Crown Burger last night.

Let's have lunch soon,

Shauna said...

Oh how perfect for you! Does Arnie love going to work?