Single Income Household.

The shoe dropped and clocked me in the head.

Eliminating redundant positions.

All the corporate things that I was so blissfully insulated from for so long came crashing down today. I was "let go." Well, along with, like, a dozen or so others.

I'm not bummed about the job. It's fine; I understand. It's just business and I know that this is the way it goes sometimes. What I'm sad about tonght, as I sit between my two sleeping dogs, is that I didn't get a chance to say good-bye. It was so clinical and cold and antiseptic.

"Effective immediately."

I didn't get to hug the people I grew to love in my short time at the agency. To wish them well, to promise to stay in touch and actually mean it.

I guess that's how it has to be, though. They have to cut the cord swiftly and completely, otherwise closure would never come.

So moving on now. Looking for a new job, thinking about what I REALLY want to do. Brad, who is wonderful beyond words, is encouraging me to take my time, to enjoy myself and play and climb and ski. He's just amazing. It's hard, though, to relax and have fun when I'm unemployed. Hate that word.

But maybe he's right - maybe that would be better now, for a while.

Ok, relaxing, relaxing....

Well, but before I do that, I'll just ask that if you hear of anything, keep me in mind - a copywriter, a PR maven, a marketer and brander, a critical thinker.

How tacky - using my blog to promote moi.


I'm pretty teary-eyed, though, as I think again of the friends - at the agency - who I'll miss terribly. And that's the heart of it. It's not the job, it's the people.



Dave said...

When I heard you were laid off I approached one of the partners and said...


He looked at me kinda weird.

Then I tilted my head to one side and said, "Her?"

He replied, "Hands off my $3,400 SUIT! C'MON!"

And I was like, "But where did the lighter fluid come from?"

And he was like, "I'm in love with my cousin."

And I was like, "Maybe she could guest write on the Bob Lawblah Law Blog."

And he was like, "What? Is she funny or something?"

And I was like, "Well that was a freebie?"

And he was like, "I've made a huge mistake."

So there you have it. They made a huge mistake.

Swing by for AD4L sometime. We'll have a special lunch - something watery, with a smack of ham to it.

KatieGirlBlue said...

My friend, you just made me laugh out loud.


I'll miss you, but I'm delighted that I can know what you're doing at all times via Twitter.

Ok, that sounded kind of creepy.

Um, "we're nice now!"

Paige Jennifer said...

Gee, lay offs before Thanksgiving? That'll lighten the holiday mood. And on a Tuesday no less? Cardinal rule of firing - do it on Friday. Even I know this I've never been fired (a perk of working in a family business).

Hang in there, girly. You'll most definitely land on your feet. I promise. And in the meantime, pimp yourself out - on the blog, in person, etc. You never know who knows what!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shauna said...

I will miss you so much. AD4L will not be the same without you. Keep in touch! We must ski this year together. I have started a blog... and you can follow my every move with my Twitter and I will continue to be a faithful reader of your blog and comment regularly. :o)

KatieGirlBlue said...

Thanks everyone. Henceforth, consider this the all new, singing and dancing "find Katie a Job!" blog.

Well, but there will still be much Arnie content, of course.

PJ, thanks for the kindness. I know - a Tuesday? Come on, people.

Shauna, I'm your newest stalker on Twitter.

Dave said...

I'm glad you found it amusing. I, however, cringed when I spotted my type-o.

*sigh* I'll just never be as good as Katie.

By the way, what's your Twitter account info? E-mail me TheOtherDrummer at the gmails.

Teri and Mark said...

Katie. I am so angry we didn't get to say goodbye. What happened yesterday was heart-wrenching. I hope you're okay... I know you will be. I'll start putting the word out about your superb talents. And about how well you deal with difficult clients. ;)

Please keep in touch! And I expect an invite to the Third Annual clothing swap.

I am going to miss you!!!

KatieGirlBlue said...

Teri,thanks so much. I'll miss you terribly.

I was upset about how it all went down, too.

Oh well, moving on.

Looking forward to the swap already.

powstash said...

I didn't know that you were [gasp] LET GO [sigh] until I read this after learning that you had a new gig (from the phone call the other day with Marit).

Being let go isn't so bad. In fact, in my case, it was better than staying.

Glad to see you stuck the landing from that little unseen cliff huck.