An addendum.

Ok, look: I know I’m far, far from perfect.

(Like, if perfect is in this field over here, by the angels and wild roses and golden retriever puppies, then I’m across the highway, below the overpass, knee-deep in piss-filled Mountain Dew bottles and dirty diapers. Ok, well, maybe not that bad, but still...far from perfect.)

I know I need an editor and proofreader. I know my writing sometimes falls short of expectations. I acknowledge and accept these things as widely understood facts.

But the reason I was so upset earlier, when I wrote the post below, was that no one bothered to say, “I think you misunderstood the product.” All I got was, “are you stupid?”

I know that I’m not owed anything, but it’s common kindness, isn’t it?

After leaving the office for an hour for lunch, I feel a little better, but it still stings.

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