Missing: One Motivation.

Scene: Sunday night.

Katie: "Arnie, tomorrow is going to be a big day. I'm going to the 6 am Bikram class, then going to work, then picking you up for a long run. I'm thinking the Desolation Trail. Sound good?"

Arnie: (wag, wag, wag)

Katie: "Good. I'm setting the alarm for 5 am."

Arnie: (wag, wag, wag)

Scene: Monday morning, 5 am.


Katie: Like hell. (Turns alarm off; returns to bed.)

Scene: Monday morning, 7 am.

Katie: Ok, Arnie, so I didn't make it to yoga this morning. Well, well run after work and then I'll go to the 6 pm Bikram class.

Arnie: zzzzz zzzzz zzzzz

Scene: After work.

Katie: Ok, Arnie, let's go run the Desolation Trail!

Arnie: (wag, wag, wag)

Cut to narrator.
Katie did not, in fact, run the Deso Trail this evening, nor did she make it to 6 pm yoga. Rather, Katie dragged herself along the trail - at a slow pace - then returned home where she crashed on the couch for several hours. She then fell into bed, confused by her lack of motivation but too tired to care.

She wants to believe that she's coming down with something because it's so unlike her to just be tired, but then, it's rare that she succumbs to illness, too.

So for now, she and Arnie will take it easy and rest, not-so-patiently waiting for her energy to come back.

But if you happen to see my motivation, please let it know that I miss it.

What might help, though, is the two week climbing hiatus I'm taking. I haven't been too psyched lately; my muscles haven't been recovering very quickly. So rest for me, for 14 days. I'm not sure how this will affect my upcoming trip to Yosemite, but I suppose there are other things to do there. And there's always Santa Cruz. And Sunnyvale.

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