This makes me surprisingly happy.

This high priest has won many million big ones.

I think it's nice!

In this video, he talks about his plans to establish a school "like Hogwarts" where kids can learn about Shamanism, Wicca and other religions as well as "mundane realm" things like "managing finances."

It's true, you know. When you can transfigure and fly and confer with deities, I'm sure preparing your tax return and balancing your checkbook seem SUPER boring. (Get it? "super?" I know - it was a little forced.)

I mean, don't they have spells for those sorts of things? If so, I want in.

Seriously. All kidding aside. I am really happy for this guy. The video even made me tear up a little. I mean, I know we're all so cool that we think anything other than a healthy dose of atheism - agnostism for the liberals among us - is total bunk.

But really. Here's this caftan-wearing guy who's living his beliefs to the fullest, going so far as to provide another generation with opportunities that he lacked - namely, the chance to worship/chant/study/draw sparkly fairies in a place with like-minded, tolerant people. Free of religous persecution, or at the very least, freedom from being called "fags" by their jock class mates.

Go ahead, naysayers. Mock me. Mock him. But I'm standing by my belief: this guy is cool.

It's interesting, though, because while I have all the patience in the world for a school of witchery, I'd be pissed if the Catholocs tried the same.

Wait, what? There already ARE schools of full of Catholics? And they're conspiring against the rest of us? But, nobody's caling THEM satan worshippers and preventing them from gathering together in a privately-funded facility....OH, right...the CONSERVATIVE thing. I forgot.


Anonymous said...

Now, how cool is it to have the initials KGB, eh? Sleuthy, secretive, hints of Eastern European old country charm/torture. What does the "G" stand for? Glenda? Gertrude?

Andrew (aka AFM)

KatieGirlBlue said...

No, no, silly. I haven't yet been given access to the Barlage moniker, not will I until I learn to ride a motorcycle, drive a van, wield a chainsaw and train a dog. And we both know that last thing will never happen.

KGB = Katie Girl Blue. You know, my handle. So when I'm on long hauls and I get on the cb radio...oh right...I don't travel long distances by car. Another reason I'll never truly be a Barlage.