This Was Fun.

Sunday, the 21st of October. The first day of the season. We put in 2560 feet at Alta. There were 200 cars in the parking lot by the time we left (noon), and the lifts weren't even running. There were more people skinning and hiking and snowshoeing than I'd ever seen in one place, and everyone was happy and psyched and enjoying the warmish temps and 24 inches of snow.

Brad and I went out with Ed, who took the photos below; we met Mitchell, John and Jaima. Fun day. Can't wait for another, but it looks like all those nice storm cycles have moved on for the time being. That's ok, too; it's still nice to run on the fallen leaves.

Skinning felt great on Sunday, though my skiing was a little rusty. I just love Alta, the part of Little Cottonwood where the road ends and the mountains begin.

Here's Ed, mugging for the camera and the folks on the Eastern seaboard:

Brad and me on top of lap one:

My favorite photo from the day, ripping skins for the first turns of the season:

Again, all photos courtesy of Ed Maginn.


Max said...

I got your link off TetonAT. Nice post. Could you tell me if the snow is still favorable in Alta/Snowbird. I plan on taking a short trip over Thankgiving and was wondering if you could give me some insite on the snow pack. Thanks

KatieGirlBlue said...

Hey, Max!

Hard to say now, as things will definitely change by Turkey Day. In the week since I was up there, I've heard 15 different snow reports, and all of the mwere probably accurate. It's been warm, so things are changing fast. The best thing to do would be check back closer to the end of November. Also, check out the Wasatch threads on www.telemarktips.com and the official snow report on the Salt Lake page of www.avalanche.org. ALL those people are far better than I at talking about the serious stuff. I just like to talk about dogs.

But if you're lookin for partners, I can get you set up with the best of them!