Sometimes I Strike a Pose

My friend, the photographer Chris Noble, took these photos of me recently. I'm posting them because my mom will like seeing them (Mom, these are the only one's I've seen so far...), and it's almost her birthday, so I owe it to her.

These photos are from a shoot we did on the White Rim trail (first time Brad and I had been on mountain bikes in years). Chris's son, Wyatt was with us, and he's a badass teenager, so Brad had fun doing jumps and bmx tricks and goofing off while I muttered to myself about controlling my speed and concentrated on keeping the rubber side down. Biking is real damn scary.

Anyway, some photos for Phriday....but wait - I don't know why the color is so weird. Trust me, the real color in the photos is just breathtaking....anyone know why it looks weird here? Hope Chris doesn't see this, but Chris, if you do, please note that I'm stating for the record here that you're a genius with color and the appearance of these photos isn't representative of your style.



lisagh said...

If you have Photoshop, check your photos for what color mode they are (this is found under the 'image' drop down menu). My guess is they're CMYK which is the color mode for printing - not for viewing on a monitor. Simply change the mode to RGB, resave and voilĂ  - they'll preview properly on screen.

Kate said...

Cool pics whatever the color is doing!

Jen Yu said...

you are such a stud. those are great pics. i'd looooove a chance to shoot you skiing!! from what i can tell, it looks as if the hue is off by 180 and there are a few other things going on, bu i really love the composition.