Just the same, I'll pass on the ham sandwich.*

A month or so ago, at a lovely outdoor wedding for our dear friend Bill (seen above with his pup, Magic, who was in the wedding - note Bill's new wedding Birks!), I dolled up in my vintage Lilly one-shouldered maxi dress (to die for, and I scored it on ebay for $20!!!) and showed off my tan lines (I know, I know tres gauche!).

(See? That's what I'm saying in this photo. I'm saying, "Oh no! Not the tanlines!")Here's another shot of the dress:
Honey loves a camera.

The darling 'Ber and Brett who I don't see enough. Ber, I miss you so.

Anyway, so we're at this wedding, having a great time, when a woman I know only socially runs up to me and shouts, yes, shouts, "I just figured out who you look like!"

"Oh," I say, wondering if I'm going to regret engaging her, "Who's that?"

"The lady from the Mamas and the Papas!"

"Um..." I hedge, waiting for the punchline. It didn't come. "Um, do you mean Mama Cass?" I was horrified. By now a small crowd had gathered and I was really hoping for an earthquake or moose sighting or something - anything - to change the course of conversation.

"No!" She was still shouting. "Michelle Phillips!'

(You can be damn sure that I looked for the prettiest MP image I could find. I'm THAT vain.)

Oh. OH. That was ok. That was really flattering, actually. In fact, even though I can't really see it, I was totally ok with the comparison, and decided to feel good about myself for the rest of the night.

Then, just a few minutes ago, I was surfing around on "The Look 4 Less," a totally delightful blog, and I saw this:

It's called, "The Mamas and The Papas Dress" - THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS DRESS! - and it looks remarkably like everything I've been wearing all summer - including the night of the Mamas and Papas comparison. My guess is that it didn't get its name from the wardrobe choices of Michelle Phillips'.....

* For what it's worth, I'm not a fattist, and I am not judging Mama Cass for her size. In fact, she was a beautiful, talented and successful woman. And the story about her choking to death on a ham sandwich was just a cruel rumor.


Jen Yu said...

i think you are far prettier than MP. and i qualify that b/c i am very opinionated :)

I Love Your Whole Face said...

I love the dress and your hair looks so nice!!

fastgrrrl said...

No, really, girl blue. I can see it. Especially in that picture you found. Ver' pretty.

"Um, do you mean Mama Cass?"

Good thing I wasn't there, wasn't in earshot, and wasn't trying to swallow a mouthful of red wine when you said that. That would have been ugly. Ver' ugly.