The Better to Get Fit In.

Patagonia is having an end of summer sale.

If you need anything - climbing and yoga clothes, ski pants, rain jackets, etc. - go here to check out the goods.

There are lots of men's and kids' stuff, too.


Cindy said...

Very funny--I'm wearing a Patagonia dress and was thinking "This is so comfortable and doesn't look entirely bad on me. I should get some more."

Hey-- guess who I just got off the phone with and am meeting for lunch in just a few? BUTTER! I'll discuss the mountain meet-up with her. We're having tacos.

Jen Yu said...

Aw man, she calls me BUTTER? Why not REAL? ;) I guess it just makes me feel like my ass is made of lard... ha ha ha.

I was not quick enough on the draw for the Patagucci sale, but since we hit the outlet in Reno I can't complain. I love Patagucci. Love their mission, love their products. Hate that they never have their women's capilene briefs in my size (why does M always sell out first?!).

Wasatch Girl said...

Hey hon,
Your Patagonia and Anthropologie links are not working. Just an FYI.