Thursday's Thirteen*

13 Things I Love Today:

1. This picture. Oh, how I love that picture.

2. Attus Apparel. I like this shirt best.

3. Saying "the" before an illness or disease (even though there's nothing funny about illness or
disease), as in, "the gout." It always makes me laugh.

4. Jack Donaghy, because he says things like, "Your hair is your headsuit" and, "Never go with a hippie to a second location."

5. The swimming I get to do with my dogs every single day. Big Cottonwood Creek flows into a reservoir near my house, so every evening after work, the boys and I head over there to chase tennis balls, frisbees, rocks, sticks and, once, an unfortunate duck. (Nothing bad happened to Mister Duck. Arnie just swam around behind him for the better part of 20 minutes. The duck was pissed; he kept looking at Arnie and saying, "QUACK!" And Arnie would just look back to shore like he was saying to me, like, "What is this guy so upset about?") And my favorite part, after swimming, while the boys dry on the patio, their fur goes all punk rock.

Arnie Ramone:
And Red Viscous:
6. My new pilates instructor, who looks exactly like Amy Sedaris. Except less sprinkley.
7. My recently purchased vintage Lilly one-shouldered dress. I can't wait to wear it next week.

8. This book. The most beautiful thing ever ever, and we all have the lovely Erin to thank for telling us about it.

9. How I can go to Barnes & Noble and root through all their magazines for all the titles and contact information I need without anyone bothering me.

10. The ruby throated hummingbird at our feeder right now.

11. This site, which informed me that said hummingbird is probably not a ruby throated. Maybe a bumblebee hummingbird?

12. My Shasta Daisies, which are finally starting to bloom. They make me think of Mount Shasta and the Lemurians, who are probably just looking for pot.

13. It's definitely quilt weather tonight.

*The original name of this post was Thursday's Thirty, but that was too intimidating.


Anonymous said...

if the shasta daiseys that are renting space in the wood area look like that I'll be impressed.

thursday .13 sounds like a great idea.


Erin said...

Wow--you found that book fast! Glad you love it. It's definitely in my top 5.

Kate said...

Love your dogs:) Everytime you have a picture of Ernie up I consider going over to see the Golden breeder in town!

Love Shastas - too funny about that book!

Cindy said...

Nothing beats swimming days and quilt nights in my book. Enjoy while they last!

Jen Yu said...

nice!! love the pupper pics and i am jealous of your daisies - we don't garden because i haven't figured out what to grow in our two week growing season ;) what a great post!