Meme me....

I was tagged by the darling Jen over at Use Real Butter. I'm delighted, because I just love to talk about myself (at least I'm being honest), just like Helen Walsh, my favorite heroine of my favorite British chick lit (by this lady, who looks a little like my mom).

Anyway, onto the meme.

1) What were you doing ten years ago?
I was at Penn State, studying English and Women Studies and, when I wasn't in class, learning to rock climb at the Bellefonte Quarry.

2) What are five non-work things on my to-do list for today?
Family cuddle on the bed with Red and Arnie and Brad (this happens everyday).
Help Brad get out the door and on the road.
Hike up to Tick Fever and figure out the gear and crux.
Go to Nia.
Cal my parents (this happens almost everday).

3) What snacks do you enjoy?
Graham crackers
Trader Joe's flatbread crackers
chocolate chip cookies
cherry pomegranate Nectar bars

4) What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Give lots away to my loved ones
Put lots into smart investments
Get a phd in modern poetics
Travel with Brad and the boys and our families and friends for the rest of our lives

5) Where have you lived?
Delmont, Pennsylvania
Stockholm, Sweden
State College, Pennsylvania
Boulder, Colorado
Carbondale, Colorado
(and now, Salt Lake City, Utah)

6) What jobs have you had?
Retail employee (at Old Navy, Exkursion and Neptunes)
Event coordinator at the Access Fund
Account manager at Backbone Media
Copywriter at Richter7 and Riester
PR and Marketing specialist for MVM

And I am tagging…

Have a great night!


Paige Jennifer said...

Neat-o. And let me say I was so relieved when I saw chocolate chip cookies in your favorite snack list. No really. I was starting to fear we had nothing in common with the previous items noted.

Kate said...

Ooh fun! Will do this later - just got back from vacation & am getting caught up on email/blogs/etc. I'm interested to hear how you like Nia. I've thought of trying a class but haven't yet.

E said...

just wanted to say hello. i came over from More, More, More and just wanted to say that i enjoy your blog! can't wait to read future posts! :)

Jen Yu said...

I didn't know you lived in PA. We drove through it a lot (from Ithaca, NY to Williamsburg, VA). My good pal also went to Penn State. Do you think you could ever move back east or is the west where your heart is? I like where my bum is now :) xxoo