Oh the hilarity.


Libby said...

That was terrific! I only recently joint facebook- thank goodness or I wouldn't have had the proper lexicon!

Erin said...

OMG--I almost pissed my pants when I realized what this was about.

I found the Supernova trails (my faves--so light and comfy as you obviously know!) on shopadidas.com in the outlet section if you're needing a new pair. But I couldn't make the order because of my foreign ISP--so I had to call them to make my order. The woman couldn't access the outlet stuff from her computer, so I get the new improved, this season ones for the outlet price. Woo hoo!! I love the shoes, but I love a screamin' deal even more!

Randall said...

Fabulous! I was waiting for a bumper sticker reference. Good find.