Especially the Mango...

According to delightfully silly yet neatly-coiffed pundit Stephen Colbert, fruit is un-American. I couldn't agree more.

The patriotic tendencies of fruit came under fire when it was revealed that it had recently replaced cookies as the number one snack in America (for kiddos under 6).

As part of his diatribe on fruit and its lack of patriotism, Stephen singled out Cookie Monster for contributing to the cookie’s decline in popularity. Check it out:

There are three famous men whom I admire: Mark Doty, David Sedaris and Stephen Colbert. Oh, well, and Billy Collins makes four. Because Stephen went head to furry blue head Cookie Monster and refused to buy into the newly passed fruit-agenda, he’s currently on top of my list.


Jen Yu said...

Oh! I love Cookie Monster and Stephen Colbert. I think Colbert is hot, actually :)

Anonymous said...

Your under-the-radar hip hometown had Sedaris & Doty in for lectures in the last two weeks. I expect Colbert will be boycotting us as the last poll showed Obama leads by 10 pt's despite calling out our God/gun nuts at that fou-fou fondue party in SanFran