The Kind of Friends You'd Go Out in Your PJs For.

This post could just as easily be titled, "The Kind of Friends You'd Whack a Man Over the Head with a Bouquet For." You see, I just went to see the "Sex and the City" movie, which I loved, I loved, I loved. It has me thinking about my girlfriends, my relationship and my style. Three of my favorite topics.

On that note, here are my three favorite parts of the movie (I'll try to be vague, so as not to ruin any plot surprises for those of you who haven't seen it):
1. When Carrie goes out, in her PJs, on New Year's Eve...
2. The Fashion Show in Carrie's closet...
3. When Charlotte bops Big with the bouquet.

It was really, really good; you should see it.

What I like about Sex and the City is that it accurately depicts the very best - and hardest - parts of female friendships. It offers realness - its dialogue and friendships - while allowing for some fantasy - its clothes, clubs, and city glam.

Anyway, Brad woke up with a swollen, hot, fluidy kneecap, and after a trip to the doc to get it drained and request a prescription, we decided to take a sick day. We watched a movie ("In God's Hands," Ed. It was on tv, and we thought of you and your lost dvd the whole time. Because, really, who the hell would steal it? I mean, it's just not that good, man!) and snuggled on the couch. It was a delightful and sleepy day, punctuated by a trip to the lake for a swim with the dogs and a trip to the full-priced movie theater (rare for us - we're fans of the dollar theater in our 'hood) to see Sex and the City.

I was all sappy and happy, thinking about my dear girlfriends today. In less than a week, we'll all convene in Vail to celebrate the pending arrival of Davis Baby 1, Megan and Ward's little bundle of joy. I can't wait to see my girls, to catch up with Megan on the drive from Boulder to Vail (it's actually faster for me to fly to Denver and drive to Vail than it is to drive from Salt Lake to Vail, and with the gas prices, well, yeah, I'd rather fly), to hike and laugh and eat and drink and talk about the "impending ball of flesh," as Mavis calls it. (And Mavis is better with kids than anyone I know. Seriously, she's like crack to babies; they love her.)

And the "Girls With Child" Weekend will be even more fun thanks to the delightful treats I received from Kerry, my summer swap partner. Kerry strikes me as an incredibly capable and "on it" woman, and her big box of presents did nothing to dissuade that notion. Everything seemed very tailored and chosen according to my likes, and it was presented beautifully.

Thank you, Kerry, you very kind and thoughtful blog-friend!

The package, overflowing with goodies:
The letter "S," a "little black book of smoothies. Mmmm....
The letter "U," umbrellas for summer drinks....
The letter "M," a madras tissue holder from the Preppy Petunia. Well done, Kerry; way to support other bloggers!
The other letter"M," margarita rim salt and spices....again, mmmmm.....
The letter "E," monogrammed note cards (with little cocktails on them) from the English Tea Paperie, owned and operated from another blogger. Well done, Kerry!
And last but not least, the letter "R," representing, in this case, Sophie Kinsella's newest book, Remember Me. I'm on the list for this book at my local library and at last count, I was number, oh, 537 in line. So, Kerry, thank you for giving me the chance to read this book in this decade...
Kerry, you're the best.

I'm delighted.

Thank you, and happy summer.


Kerry said...

Katie! I love that we both picked the little black drink books to swap - it shows that great minds think the same! When I make my first drink - I will be thinking of you! Thank you! I was hoping to find a drink recipe that called for honey... I might have to improvise.

Kerry said...

Oh and of course I had to spell soomething wrong in the package right? I just noticed I spelled paperie - papier - it was my inner french trying to get out I guess!

k8 said...

carrie on new years was so awesome.