Happy because:

Arnie famous. Red has been famous for a long time, but today, after months of ceaseless badgering, Brad succumbed and added Arnie to the list. ARNIE VERY HAPPY.

I ran 15 miles on Saturday. Well, ok: I ran 11 miles then walked for 10 minutes through a boring stretch, then ran again, then walked it in. But still. Pretty goddamn rad.

I’m surrounded by some of the coolest women I’ve ever met. To climb with. To run with. To ski with. To drink wine with. To teach me things. To help me through tough times. To tell me I’m ok. To inspire me to keep running even though we’ve already been running for 2 hours and I’m out of water and there’s no sign of the trailhead (you know who you are).

We had dinner with those hot-tubbing fools, Colleen and Derek, last night, and Ed came with us, too, and we ate great food and laughed and laughed and laughed and Brad ordered one of his fruity cocktails and it was great.

There are always new opportunities on the horizon, and it seems like as soon as I take a moment to look for them, they appear. More on this later.

Last Friday, Brad and I went bouldering in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Just the two of us. We hopped from boulder to boulder and he pointed out the good problems and we both climbed well and felt like a team. It made me excited for the Valley, Bishop, the Red and more remote objectives like the Incredible Hulk. It’s all coming soon.

I finally found a china pattern I like. Not that I actually want or need or have anywhere to store china, but still, it makes me happy to have found something this delightful.


Jessica said...

Katie, your posts are always so inspiring. Thank you. - Jess

I Love Your Whole Face said...

I Heart the china pattern. Congrats on the 15 miles too. 15 was always where I would hit the wall. I hope to get past that before the NYC marathon!!!!

Cindy said...

Fifteen miles? You're damned right that's rad.

So glad you've got your group of cool women. There's no better find in life than that.

Kerry said...

15 miles? I am seriously impressed.

fastgrrrl said...

Wait! Where'd you get 11? You definitely ran more than 11!

Yay, Arnie! He and Red look very handsome.

Kate said...

Congrats on the 15 miles. My husband is a marathoner - he wants me to run more & I'm trying to get him to do more yoga:)

Anonymous said...

I see you have some Metallica on the radio. FINALLY
Next, I'd like to hear some Waylon Jennings.