Can't Get Enough of the Following:

1. This song, by the Old Crow Medicine Show. Do you know these guys? No, I don't mean "have you heard of these guys," I mean, "do you KNOW them?" Because I'm pretty sure they need me on djembe and dijeridoo and perhaps also to play the five or so chords I can strum on the guitar. So, if you KNOW them, well, please mention my name. You know, just tell them about me. If you don't mind.

2. Jen who uses real butter. My fellow mountain-woman and kindred spirit made my day on Saturday, when I found a manilla envelope in my mailbox. In the envelope, I found a handmade card with a very kind note as well as an adorable wool hat with both Outdoor Divas (one of my favorite stores) and Eldora Mountain's logos on it. Thank you for thinking of me, Jen. Our mountains are still heavy with snow, so I'll be wearing the toque on a few more chilly morning tours.

I model said hat:

Sleepy Arnie models said card:

The photo on the front of the card - taken by Jen (is there no end to this woman's talents?) - is a breathtaking image of coneflowers, botanically known as Echinacea.

3. Rock Climbing. It's climbing season in the Wasatch, at least on south facing crags, and yesterday I went with Lizzie to American Fork. We saw lots of friends and climbed a few great routes. The best moment of the day, for me, came when I was eight feet above my last draw and looked up to see another eight to go before the next one. In that moment, climbing the unknown and insecure terrain gingerly, knowing that a fall would be a huge bummer, I loved climbing more than I have in years. I flashed on my first leads in Eldo, my first route on the Diamond, tentative moves on my first pitches in J-Tree. Back to a time when climbing played a bigger part (I know, many of you are thinking, "um, but you're completely obsessed...you realize that, right?").

4. Marit, who keeps running no matter what, and who inspires me to keep going even though I'm underdressed (as usual) and tired and achy and did I mention whiny? We went for a beautiful run on Saturday morning. Dry Creek. Overlooking the city after climbing out of the gulley. Only one deer carcass, which was disturbingly fresh, but at least, I suppose, the coyotes were well-fed.

5. My husband, who just did something incredible. He totally crushed a goal he's had for a long time, and he did it with a good friend, which made it all that much sweeter. When I talked to him afterwards, he sounded happier than I've ever heard him, and it completely warmed my heart.


fastgrrrl said...

Katie Girl Blue, your love for your husband and his love for you are completely inspiring loves. I feel sort of baptized every time you talk about him.

Also, I adore the picture of sleepy Arnie modeling said card. If someone ever said that a good model can't be hairy, ruddy and reclined, he or she was just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

I took our Anonymous 'rents to see OCMS a couple years ago at the Pgh Arts Fest. They played with Gillian Welch & David Rawlings. Dynamite show.
Your friend fastgrrrl is right on -- there should be more hirsute models

Kate said...

That Old Crow Medicine Show song is amazing! It's also awesome to hear someone (besides me) who is unabashedly proud of and in love with their husband:)

Jen Yu said...

Lady! I'm glad you got it. When Jeremy said he mailed it first class I was like, "uh - it's never going to get there." Ever notice how priority is the new first-class and first-class is now the "toss it in the back for a few months until someone notices it"? At least that's how it is at the Ned post office ;) Arnie is adorable. Kaweah would have eaten the card before I could even take the lens cap off.

Next time you guys come to play in Boulder, let me know!

Cindy said...

I knew you and that butter using Jen would hit if off! You're destined for a blog meet-up.

Congrats to that husband. Glad he made it in one piece. Have you two seen the movie Steep? We just rented it the other weekend. Makes me think that there's skiing, which I do, and SKIING, which is something totally different. Pretty sobering to watch knowing what happened to Doug Coombs. Makes me want to tell my family "Alright! Everyone stays on the groomers!!" As if any of them would listen.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

cute cute cute blog background!!

KatieGirlBlue said...

Thanks, PPC! I got in online for free. It makes me think Spring, which I need, because it snowed yesterday.

fastgrrrl said...

Whoa! You changed your clothes!