Hey local readers - looking for a climbing partner?

Anyone out there live in Salt Lake and feel like trad climbing? I have a few projects in Little Cottonwood - single pitch 5.11 plus lots of mellow classics. If you're interested, let me know.

Yeah, I know I promised a real post, but the thing is, I lie.


elee said...

dude, I want music playing on my blog! Hope you have an awesome season in Utah, and not too hot. stay in touch! - emilie

sha said...

I would love to climb with you. I don't have too much experience trad climbing in LCC (next to none leading) but did decently on our past couple of trips to Indian creek/Maverick butress(TR 5.10/5.11-). I know that Kirsten would also be super psyched to get out. I'll be out of town for the next couple of weeks - but if you're willing to let me tag along I'd love it.


KatieGirlBlue said...

Emilie - come back for the fall, when the temps are reasonable again.

Sha - the project of the week is Tick Fever, but there are SO MANY clasics in Little that I have yet to do that I'm up for anything and everything. You name it, doll. I'm there. We're going to the Creek for the weekend and will be in the Moab area for the first part of next week. Will you guys be down there?

sha said...

I'm about to leave on an epic trip. Hawaii for work (love those three words together), then the carolinas for weddings and family time. I'll be back in slc on 5/16 and would love to join you up LCC. I'm a bit hooked I think.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Ok, Sha - when you come home to Utah, we'll get out. I'm psyched. Have fun in Hawaii and the Carolinas! Eat lots of barbeque - best ever - and get a great tan.

Talk soon, xo,

Wasatch Girl said...

Hey girl,
I saw your comment on my blog. Yes, I would love to get out and climb... trad or sport! I am finishing up a school semester, but would be jazzed to get out starting this weekend.
Hope you are well.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Rachel - I'm PSYCHED. Let's make a plan for later in the week, eh? I'm in Moab till Wednesday, but will rest up and be ready for anything on, say, Thursday or Friday?

Really looking forward to getting out with you. I've got trad, sport and bouldering projects, so you name it!