Blog Roll

Who am I missing?

(I told you the blog roll was forthcoming.)

And now I promise a real post soon, very soon.


Cindy said...

You've got a bunch of my favs on that roll! Love the new blue--very spring-like. Cute picture of the two of you!

Hope you had a good trip! I haven't been to that Eville market in years. We go to the Eville for movies (can't park in Berkeley), so we should get dinner there sometime. Did you find anything partic. good?

Anonymous said...

I'm ever so flattered to be listed twice! :-)

Irony - I was about to add you and Ashley's Closet to my blog roll...

KatieGirlBlue said...

Whoops - Sorry TIP! I get confused easily!

Cindy, YES! The Afgani food is out of this world, although after three days of climbing, nothing beats the amount of food you get for $7 at the Indian stall. Classy? No, I'm not. Hungry? Yes, usually.

Erin said...

Hey--stick us on your Blog Roll. We'll link to you too.
Congrats on the new jobby job!
We're www.esteecuador.blogspot.com