WE ARE....

...Penn State.

This weekend I returned to my alma matter for my parents' world-famous tailgate party and the Penn State-Notre Dame game. (Psu 31, ND 10)

Lots of old friends at the tailgate and in State College. The town looked welcoming and familiar despite new stores, new campus buildings and having spilled into the adjacent fields and open space. I still love it there, and as I write today I'm having to remind myself why I left State College. I wanted to be out West; I wanted to rock climb at places other than working quarries. But I also needed to know what else was out there, what my choices were. I needed to see everything before I settled down; I couldn't be still until I knew I wasn't missing anything.

Yesterday, I got to see the places and things that were my everyday in the Penn State years. I miss it there, but I'm not sure if I miss ME there or if I miss the place itself.

More on this later.

For now, proof that Brad was THRILLED by the football game:

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