"Avy Savvy..."

One of the forecasters used that term last night. I can't believe I never thought of it. Savvy, after all, is one of my favorite words.

Ed and I went to the FUAC Board meeting last evening, which only made me more excited to go skiing. It also reminded me, though, that last season I committed to once a week beacon drills. I kept that commitment, like, twice. Even in our lean snow year, it was too hard to give up a weekend day, and on weeknights, I just, well, didn't do them.

I'm saying this now, on the record: this year, I will do beacon drills once a week, either at a beacon park or the schoolyard down the street. Preferably with someone screaming at me and throwing snow at me and making the situation super tense, because chances are, if I ever have to really search for someone, I won't be sauntering about with a gimlet in my hand.

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