Grab Life by the Balls

It's rainy and cold and absolutely delightful here today, and after goregous run with the dogs along the mid-mountain trail this morning, reading the majority of Harry Potter while watching PSU-UM this afternoon and a brief (maybe too brief?) Crossfit workout, the boys and I are watching Dodgeball. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, the guy who played Milton in Office Space...oh my god it's funny.

Some of my favorite lines: "I read it. In a book." and "It's gotta be the hair, it's beautful - feathered and lethal. You just don't see it like that nowadays."

Even Red is enjoying it.

Last night I met up with Amber, mother of this girl:

We went to Kayo to see Catherine's show. WOW! My friend, the artist, presented beautiful work, and the buzz around her prints was audible. "How did she do that?" "I wonder if she's a full-time artist." And on and on. It was awesome. I'm so psyched for her.

After the gallery, Amber and I went to the Oasis cafe, which was hosting Dine a Round. I had a Newcastle for the first time in years - yum - and we ate crabcakes and hummus and salmon and asparagus and pot au creme....I must learn to make this pot au creme. Maybe I'll share the recipe on Baked on Sunday (don't forget! It's tomorrow!).

Nice weekend so far. I'm loving the cool weather. I ran in a long sleeve today, and my hands were sort of numb when I finished. Awesome. The boys were panting less than usual, and now they're curled into furry circles beside me, snoozing, snuggling, happy.

I'm looking forward to climbing and another mountain run tomorrow.

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