Now for the Funny

This weekend, in A-PLACE-THAT-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED, Brad was working on a tough route that he couldn't seem to free. After he ran a coulpe laps, Arnie thought he'd give it a go.

Even with the Evolve shoes, .5 splitters are hard for Arnie. I mean, he doesn't have fingers, so he can't exactly secure ringlocks. Not that I've even learned what "ringlock" means yet, so far am I from ever perfecting the form.

It was a nice weekend, though, with beautiful weather (we were at 9,000 feet, so I was almost not too hot) and amazing terrain. I like to think that part of the pleasantness came from my new cookie recipe, samples of which we took with us to
A-PLACE-THAT-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED. Here's what they looked like:

Minus the silly box and cheesy ribbon (I mean, chiffon? Ew. Why not a velvet ribbon? Or Grosgrain?). I used organic flour, brown sugar, eggs and butter, then threw in some non-organic vanilla (it's all I could find in the pantry) and added dried cranberries (no sugar), dark chocolate shavings and coconut.

Good, but not perfect. They just weren't quite right. Maybe too much "stuff" in them? Maybe oatmeal dough next time? I don't know.

And yes, by telling you this, I'm now introducing another feature on this here blog (in addition to everyone's favorite: Golden Retriever Tuesdays). It's called: Getting Baked on Sunday!

Stay tuned; there'll be more goodies to come.

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