No to Dog-Fighting.

I want everyone to know that while I find this picture hilarious (I found it on the internet. Props to the photographer for capturing the true spirit of the Malicious and Very Viscious Golden Retriever. Also, see? I’m not claiming it as my own, so please don’t sue me), I DO NOT THINK DOGFIGHTING IS ACCEPTABLE IN ANY WAY.

So, Michael Vick? Go to hell you evil, twisted son of a bitch. I can’t open a newspaper these days without your heinous, cold-hearted scowl, and it’s beginning to annoy me.

And to the poor doggies you tortured? Oh, there’s a place for you in doggie heaven.

Yes, I’m Agnostic and while I find the ideas of heaven and hell for people troublesome, heaven for dogs TOTALLY exists and is the happiest place ever, with clean rivers for swimming, no “Watershed – No Dogs” signs, lots of snow for scooting and sun for sleeping, plenty of soft couches and many, many treats.

Hey, this is my blog, and therefore my delusion.


John said...

They don't look as rough as "Arne the Mean"

John said...
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Bob said...

that's right I hope Vick gets his due .