There's (ongoing) discussion among the backcountry skiing community about whether or not dogs should join in the fun. Black-hearted dog-haters declare backcountry dogs to be as bad for the environment and community as helicopters (this is a whole other subject that I'll address later, but for now, just know that HELISKIING HELICOPTERS = BAD).

I love skiing with Arnie and Red. They love to bound through the powder after us (only after one of us has skied the slope and declared it safe for our boys). They love to roll on their backs and make snow-angel-dogs. Snow-dogs. Dog-angels.

We're not idiots; we don't take them out for huge days, we don't take them into dangerous terrain. We don't let them jump on people. We CLEAN UP THEIR POO. (Why do the dog-haters always assume that we dog-lovers revel in leaving dog shit for others to step in? Hey haters? Breaking news: I hate stepping in dog shit, too.)

Check out the boys. Note that they're waiting patiently to be told "go."

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