Kind of like Taco Tuesdays, but not really.

Golden Retriever Tuesdays (GRT) is a new feature on The Wasatch Report. To those of you rolling your eyes, consider this: now I won't post pictures of Golden Retrievers EVERY day, just on Tuesdays. Or wherever I think about it. Or find one I like.

This week's first image comes from Mavis. She found it on www.cuteoverload.com.

See how mean Golden Retrievers can be? Brad used to say that the reason Arnie slept right between us, head on our pillows, was that he was actually trying to sneak in and suffocate Brad in the middle of the night. Manipulative Arnie, he called him. Yes, my dog is indeed VERY calculating. Why, just this morning, he came damn near to hacking into CIA's secure server. Then he accidentally fell asleep (see below).

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USAincognito said...

I absolutely love your dog!! :)