Women Who Reached for the Ballots. Or, That Deaf Girl From Weeds For President.

At the risk of alienating my beloved readers, I'm posting this video. Now, I'm not even sure, at this point in the day, who I'm going to vote for (so Mitchell, if you're reading this, you can just settle right on down), but the message in the video, the idea that "yes we can" affect change - in our government, in our healthcare system, in our economy - is one that transcends candidates and - at least in this election cycle - even parties. So vote, ok?

Because you CAN. And that's not true everywhere, for everyone.


Libby said...

I got chills watching this Katie. A really good kind of chills.

fastgrrrl said...

Whoa. Awesome. I'm all fired up. I'm all choked up. Thanks for putting this on your blog. Thanks to the Resident President for passing it along to you. I'm going to watch it again. Right now.