It's like they somehow got inside Brad's brain.

Animals? Check.
Rocky theme song? Check.
Rocky training montage reference? Check.

Damn, they know him better than I do.


Dave said...

Sorry, but I thought that ad sucked. In fact, I thought most of the ads this year were sub-par. My favorite? Etrade "Clown".

KatieGirlBlue said...

Yeah, it's over the top for sure. Plus, a dalmation? WHY NOT A GOLDEN RETRIEVER????

But the humor - for me - comes into play because my husband has been known to listen to nothing but th eRocky theme song for days on end.


And also, I felt bad for the horsie at first, and happy for him at the end. But then, I also felt bad for the lamp in the Ikea lamp spot. So I'm one of THOSE PEOPLE.

Libby said...

Heh. Dan liked that one too- but he also cries over the one that's run around Christmas time (but blames it on childhood nostalgia or some such hooey.)

The winners for me were the Etrade baby- the first one and the Pixar preview for Wall-E, but I'm a sucker for robots with emotions.