In Which Brad Wears His Wedding Ring

Andrew took this picture of Brad after a particularly harrowing rappel into either Heaps or Imogene Canyon (don’t even get me started on canyoneering, but suffice it to say that I associate it with people who wear zip-off pants, no deodorant and enjoy eating gorp – no offense Brad and Andrew, I know you guys like canyoneering. And probably gorp).

What I love about this picture is not that my husband is especially adorable (but he is), nor that he’s sporting a bad-ass rope burn (from the aforementioned rappel) on his leg.

No, what I want you to notice is that he is wearing his wedding ring (on the cord around his neck).

For the first time.


I’m touched.

Even if he only wears it in front of the canyoneering dorks (probably a lot like Dungeons & Dragons dorks, but with more gore-tex), it still makes me happy.

Oh, and the other item on the necklace is a Saint Bernard Charm. He’s the patron saint of skiers and alpinists, and while I typically disregard religion as a bunch of hooey, I often find myself praying to Saint Bernard.


Libby said...

I have to confess that I'm not even sure what canyoneering is- though I gather it requires rope and is rather dangerous, so I'm glad that Brad took to wearing his ring.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Exactly, Libby. I thought it was a good time to be reminded that he has someone to come home to! Not to mention 2 dogs to support...

Paige Jennifer said...

Anyway, I love when you look at a picture and while it may mean nothing to everyone else, it means everything in the world to you. An inside secret so to speak.

Cindy said...

And probably safer that he didn't wear it on his hand, right? My husband was also reluctant to wear a ring—he's just not a jewelry guy (or a hair products guy or cologne guy or . . . you get the picture--he's a guy). He got used to it though, and now it scratched to death but still there. Somehow it means more that it's totally unlike him to wear it but he does. Make sense?

I always love to hear what you've done over the weekend. I'm jealous of the snow you've got. We;ve got a good base in the Sierras, but this spring-like weather will kill it soon if it continues. Damn global warming. We need a president who skis.