I heart Santa Cruz

If I come upon a windfall of cash, the first thing I'll do is buy Brad land and a well in the Moab area. As much as he wants. Then I'll immediately fly to Santa Cruz and buy a house in this funky, earthy, breathtaking, creative, oceanfront town. There's a reason some of the best mountain bikes in the world come out of this hamlet. Not to mention skateboards and surfboards. And CrossFit. Smooth segue.

I'm in Santa Cruz with my honey for the CrossFit Certification Seminar. When we finish this weekend, we will be CrossFit Level 1 instructors. But that's not why I'm here.

Look: www.crossfit.com

CrossFit is new to both of us. We're both babies, kittens in this community. We have the same history, the same experience, the same base of knowledge, and nothing, NOTHING else in our shared lives is that way. It's exciting and relieving to embark on this new activity together - exciting because there's a world of potential and opportunity, relieving because it's new for him, too. We're learning tihs together, and with our different learning styles, different techniques and different communcation patterns, I think we're set up well to learn a lot together.

Today is Day 2, the final day, of the Certification, and I feel myself wishing it would last for another week.

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