Oh I'd, I'd Drive All Niiiiiight Again, Just to Vote for Obama...

If Bruce Springsteen, the Dead, Jimmy Buffett* (forgive me, but come on! Some of his songs are really sweet!), James Taylor and Jay-Z ALL like Obama well, hell, then I do, too.

Ok, so I've liked him all along. But still - the Boss? Who could vote against the Boss?

Well, maybe the three friends I went to Mexico with shortly after purchasing the Essential Bruce Springsteen collection (two cds plus bonus disc!). I was a little obnoxious interrupting all their important sunbathing to recite the authentic American poetry of the kid from Jersey.

Whatever. They were listening to, like, Shakira.

Of course, if she were eligible to vote, I'm pretty sure she's vote for Obama, too.

* And I know, I know, that I'm the first to mock the pasty bloated frat boys who don grass skirts and get shitcanned for Buffett shows. Of course I do. They're ridiculous. But that doesn't change the fact that "A Pirate Looks at 40" is a beautiful song. Don't hate the Jimmy, hate the fans.


Anonymous said...

There's a bumper sticker idea -

Who Would Jerry Vote For?

Or for the nit-picky grammar freaks like me:

For Whom Would Jerry Vote?

lisagh said...

"Don't hate the Jimmy, hate the fans"

LOVE it!!!

And I also love love love the Jimmy - 'Fins' being a favorite ditty.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Impoverished Preppy, I couldn't agree more. And I think I know for whom Jerry'd vote.

Wait, actually, he'd probably be living in Canada on account of the medical marijuana.

Anonymous said...

i like the new format - white, fresh like a new start, a new season, clean....