My Brother was totally right*

Cindy McCain does look like Skeletor.


Here's Cindy, beer heiress and would-be (but not gonna be) first lady.

And here's Skeletor, a muscular humanoid with a yellowish bone cranium.


* I'm still working hard to abide by Thumper's Rule. I'm simply repeating what my brother said. So this snarkiness doesn't count. In my mind, at least.


J said...

She is a bit frightening. Have you seen photos of her from McCain's 2000 campaign? Talk about an image change!

Elliott said...

I was thinking more like the crypt keeper but Skeletor is even better!

Kate said...

What I find funniest about this is that when I opened the post w/ Finn (2 yrs old) on my lap, he didn't comment on the Skeletor picture but said, "Scary Lady!"

Bones said...

Political snarky soooooooooooo doesn't count. I mean come on. These people deserve it and you are dishin' it mighty witty style!

Jen Yu said...

hey, she's not wearing pearls in the second pic...