You Say Mossimo, I Say Missoni

I've always loved Missoni. Part of that has to do with its being an Italian company; I feel a kinship with my pisons. It's the same reason I love drinking espresso from my Bialetti and climbing in Scarpas. I imagine that my climbing shoes were hand-crafted by a little white-haired man named Gianni, though, in fact they were probably slapped together by a starving nine year old named Soo Lin.

Anyway, I love Missoni, with its colorful fabrics and signature halter dresses; it is at once trendy and timeless, classy and bohemian. Some people have a totem animal (hippies), I have a totem designer. And it's Mossimo.

So imagine my surprise when during a routine visit to SuperTarget, I stumbled upon this little number:

With its metallic, chevron-striped, knit fabric, it was damn near a dead ringer for a Missoni bikini (which retails for, roughly, $400). But it was in Target. And it was CHEAP. For a minute I held onto it and looked greedily around, not wanting anyone else to see this treasure, to capitalize on my good luck, to wear this same suit and look better in it than I.

I scurried into the dressing room to try it on, momentarily forgetting about the Method hand soap, dish soap and stove cleaner that I needed in favor of yet another swimsuit that I didn't.

(Incidentally, I picked up Method's Eucalyptus Mint "Lil' Bowl Blue," aka toilet bowl cleaner, today as well, and I can't say enough good things about it. It smells nice, it work well and it's non-toxic....important for those of us who own dogs who may or may not drink from the commode.)

I might go to the pool today. What? It's a work day? Ok, I'll take my computer and work from there. What? That's obnoxious? Too bad.

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Cindy said...

Cute suit! My days of suits that size are oooovvverrrr (that's ok--I had a lot of them), but I'm sure it looks great on you. Don't forget your sunscreen.