Summer Swap Survey

Alex's Summer Swap is coming up soon, and I'm delighted to have been paired with Kerry. To prepare for the swap and get to know our partners better, Alex put together this survey (very thoughtful, Ms. Alex!):

About moi:
1. Favorite preppy designers?
J. Crew, Lilly

2. Favorite preppy accessories?
Scarves, pearls, oxfords

3. Any hobbies?
Climbing, running, wine, cooking, yoga, pilates, imagining moves to other countries

4. Enjoy crafting, if so anything in particular?
Knitting....very lumpy and uneven scarves

5. Favorite books/magazines?
The New Yorker, Poets & Writers, Yoga Journal, Chick Lit

6. Any other favorite things?
My doggies, my honey, my family, my friends

7. Collect anything?
Apparently dog hair, but not officially.

8. Any kids/pets?
Arnie and Red. Technically pets, but treated like children...

9. Any allergies?
Video games, rednecks, Nascar...

10. Favorite thing to do in the Summer?
Wear dresses, run in the early morning when it's still cool, drink cocktails on the patio.

11. What most makes you think of Summer?
Gin & tonics (or would it be gins & tonic?)

12. Favorite treat/drink?
Oh, well, G&Ts, margs, limeade & vodka....oh dear...

13. Anything else your partner should know about you?


Paige Jennifer said...

My scarves are never lumpy. They just have erred stitches. Like a knit instead of a purl. But like my mom says, imperfections add character.

Kate said...

Ah, so you have that redneck allergy too? :) Love Poets & Writers - I am actually ALMOST finished (or shall we say a little bit blocked at the end) and ready to self-publish my first children's book!