Dactylic Hexameter

My favorite form.

Following Arnie on
Trails lined with Cottonwoods,
Mornings are welcome now
Waking feels effortless.
Arnie bolts after an
Animal. Maybe he’ll
Catch it; it could be that
This is his glory day.


Kate said...

Beautiful! You know I am dying to get a dog & all the pics/stories of yours is not helping:) I need to wait at least until after we move!

fastgrrrl said...

love it, k.g. blue. i appreciate The Dactylic Hexameter too. maybe you're not so much my brutha from another mutha, but we're definitely sistas for sure.

Cindy said...

Very nice. Arnie must be pleased. I know if I wrote a poem about my cat, he wouldn't care.

Hope you've got a better weekend in store, my friend.