Well then. No excuses but laziness.

Before I do anything else, there’s this:

Thank you, Jen.

This talented, generous woman, whom I adore despite having never even met her in person (we’ll remedy that soon), sent me a gorgeous scarf, intricately knitted in regal, deep purples. Here it is, up close so you can see the beautiful quality of the knit. Jen, I’ve asked this before, but seriously – is there anything you can’t do?

Here's the beautiful new addition to my wardrobe (shown on me as model, because I have not removed it for days):

I feel so lucky. Everyone should have a Jen in their lives.

Now then, as to what I’ve been doing that’s taken all my focus away from blogging:

I've been admiring this print,

And this artist,

And this artist,

And this blog.

My goodness. Donkeys and sheep and dogs, oh my!

I also just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver. Please read it; it’s beautiful.

A memoir of her family’s year growing most of its own food and committing to eating as locally as possible, Kingsolver’s book was never preachy or judgmental. In fact, it was hopeful and eye-opening. I am not a gardener; I do not like manual labor. That said, after reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I’ve decided that it’s time to start “voting with my dollars” in terms of our nation’s food industry. For the record, I’ll be voting with Brad’s dollars, too.

So I’m going to grow fruits and vegetables (we already have absurdly prolific peach and apricot trees). I’m going to till and plant and tend and harvest. Then I’m going to dry and blanche and freeze and can. In doing so, I hope that we can convey to the food industry that we do not approve of the excessive petroleum required to ship us bananas in Utah in February, of the minimal wages paid to the farmer, of the majority of our food dollars going to the shipment of the food, rather than the farmer.) We’ve bought a share of a grass-fed cow (the noshing fellow was raised just a few miles away from our house), so that, from our own little kitchen, we can tell world that we do not approve of the way that feedlots raise animals and our corn production.

So there.


That's all I have for you tonight.


Jen Yu said...

You are too sweet. So glad you like the scarf! I hope you get a few more months of wear from it. There are many things I can't do - ask my graduate advisor ;)

Spring-like weather in our parts. I could go either way - ski or spring mountaineer. I love it all. Something about the transition is so invigorating, no? Get your runs in, beef up for climbing, take the pups for long runs and hikes. Spring is soooo good.


little happinesses said...

I've heard that Animal, Vegetable, Mineral is pretty awesome. Have you read The Omnivore's Dilemma (Michael Pollan)? That's what made me really think about where I'm spending my food money--especially re: the petroleum required and how much actually goes to the farmer.

Best of luck with the planting and harvesting. I think that's rad.

Wasatch Girl said...

Your blog makes me happy.
Hope you are well, beautiful girl.