I'm busy enough at work that I don't have time to browse the Internet for funny or beautiful or interesting or noteworthy things. As a "creative," though--that is, one who's responsible for developing (or, ahem, "concepting") advertising campaigns, headlines, taglines, etc.--I grant myself a few minutes a day to check out websites and blogs that inspire me in the professional realm....forgive me for not checking out your sites at work, dear readers; I like to save them until I can really read and not just look at the pictures.

While the following aren't necessarily related to writing or advertising, they are the few sites I allow myself to peruse (bonus points if you know the definition of peruse..it may not be what you think...) at work because they are so creative, so lovely, that they put me in the right frame of mind to be creative. (I know, some of them are on the blogroll to the left. That's ok; they're worth double mentions.)

Posie Gets Cozy

Anna Maria Horner

Heather Bailey


Apartment Therapy

Print & Pattern

They all offer pretty pictures of cozy spaces, self-designed fabrics and crafts and wonderful ideas to filled creative time...finding that time is up to you, and is another story.

As I left work tonight, I was clutching a list in my hand. It said:
Library - return books and pick up holds
Blockbuster - return movie
Playtime with the doggies
Finish fabric-scrap garland
Finish surprise knitting project for _____
Begin surprise knitting project for _____

I got through the laundry, and there's nothing left. I have plans for an early, early run with a friend, am still shaky from a lunchtime workout with another friend and have to fold a mountain of (finally) clean clothes.

Check out those sites, though. They're like tea in a window seat on a cold, rainy afternoon.

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More, More, More said...

I had forgotten about Heather Baily - love that site!