I'm Going to Do This.

Brad will be away much of Spring. He's got a big climbing goal he needs to take care of, and last night, as I got to thinking about how much time I'll have on my own in the coming months, I decided that I should make something of that time.
I'm not emotionally psyched for a big climbing goal, so instead, I signed up for the Steamboat Marathon.

It's in 9 weeks.

I know, after last time, I swore I'd never do something like this again - sign up for a race I hadn't properly prepared for. But the thing is, most marathon training guides I've seen are 16 weeks long, and the first 5 weeks are so low mileage that I'm already hitting those marks. So I figure if I just start the program at week 5, I'll be on track in no time.




Paige Jennifer said...

I think anyone who runs a marathon is a little nutso. I get fatigued just driving 26 miles.

Good luck with your training!

sha said...

i'm always up for a long training run, especially if it's on trail. let me know if you want some company...i'm sure we could get lil ironlady marit to go as well.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Sha, you bet! Let's get it on!

I am SLOW, but I'm never offended if my running pals need to go ahead faster.

Love the long runs on trails, and we've got such good ones here.

Looking forward to it!

KatieGirlBlue said...

PJ, I know. If I drive 26 miles, I usually have to stop to pee and/or get more coffee at least once. You know, at all those rest areas along the turnpike with the Starbucks and the Aunt Annies'?

I'm hoping the running is easier.

Jen Yu said...

i think that's freaking awesome. you're so gonna rock it. just take care to avoid injury! i find having goals really helps my mental outlook and i especially love goals like a race, a destination (i wanna hike such and such loop or climb such and such ascent), or even a simple distance. more power to ya.